4K Video Cameraman with RED Scarlet W

Available Ballina – Byron – Gold Coast – Brisbane
Also Sydney – Australia-Wide –¬†International
Brook Silvester 0419 269 727

Our Experienced Director of Photography is Currently Operating with a RED Dragon Scarlet Weapon.

The Scarlet W is Delivering Amazing Digital Cinema Pictures with 5K/4K Video Resolution.
5K Resolution @ 50-60 fps.
4K Resolution @ 120 fps.
2K Resolution @ 240 fps.

Filming Your Next Advertising Video Content with Red Dragon Digital Cinema Pictures is Future Proofing Your Investment.

Ocean Surf and Water Cinematographer Operating with The Scarlet Weapon Kit and Red Scarlet W Water Kit including Wide and Long Lens Canon L Series Lenses Kits.

Available Australia Wide and Internationally
Gold Coast Video Cameraman
Mobile: +61 419 269 727
Email: wetflicks1 @ or Click Here for Contact Page.

4K Video Cameraman with RED Scarlet W
4K Video Cameraman with RED Scarlet W